5 Green Waste Removal Tips to Try During Renovation Projects

Renovation projects are always exciting.  These needed projects are superb for upgrading our homes and property so these properties will maintain a high value.  New renovations can also make your home much more eco-friendly and could help you enjoy your home and garden to the fullest.

The only downside to these projects is that they usually involve a lot of waste.  Old tiles, broken concrete, old bricks, old doors, door and window frames, and many other pieces of equipment will eventually end up in the landfills.

If you want to ensure that your renovation project has the smallest impact on the environment then you should consider the following waste removal tips for your renovation project. 

Hire a Skip from B and S Waste Services

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to hire a large skip bin from B and S Waste Services.  Renting these skip bins makes your clean-up projects much quicker and easier and it is also more environmentally friendly because of the following reasons:

  • The bin is big enough to remove all waste from your property which reduces pollution.
  • Everything can be hauled away on a single trip which reduces the amount of gas consumption and air pollution.
  • This skip company only uses recycling and legal landfills to dispose of waste materials.
  • Materials that can be repurposed in some way are repurposed in order to keep landfills as clean as possible.  

Repurpose Parts of the Old Building

Lots of materials in buildings can be reused.  While you are demolishing certain parts of your old building, you should be very careful when performing the strip-outs.  Materials such as wood panels, planks, door frames, doors, window frames, window glass, electric wiring, and many others can be repurposed if these materials are stripped carefully.  Repurposing old building materials is terrific for the environment even if you only end up donating these materials.  

Use Concrete and Bricks as Filling Materials

Some materials cannot be removed from your building without breaking these items up into small pieces.  Good examples are concrete and old bricks.  Instead of discarding these materials, you should try to repurpose as many of these materials as possible.  Old bricks and concrete is valuable filling materials to use in the foundation of your new building or underneath driveways.  

Recycle Materials

It is important to recycle as much of your home materials as possible.  Many construction materials can be effectively recycled.  Sort your waste and send recyclable materials to the correct industries.  Good examples of materials that can be recycled include wood planks, metal or steel reinforcing, steel frames, plastic, and paper.  When materials are recycled instead of discarded, they won’t pollute landfills, and natural resources such as gas and coal are preserved.  This is because less money, gas, electricity, and other resources are required for recycling materials compared to the amount of energy and water that is needed to manufacture products from natural materials.

Use Green Demolition Companies

Green demolition companies do their best to carefully strip out materials from your home so these can be repurposed.  They also have many contacts that are happy to purchase old materials such as broken concrete and bricks from them so these materials won’t end up in landfills.

With these tips and a good quality skip bin at your renovation project, these messy and destructive projects won’t have quite as big an impact on the environment.  Everyone will be healthier and you might just save a lot of money on your demolition and building projects when you repurpose some of the old materials.  \

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