Natural Stone – What You Should Choose For Your Stone Retaining Wall Design

There’s no wonder why so many people are turning towards stone for their wall designs. It brings an elegance to any room, and it’s extremely easy to keep clean. That said, there are many kinds of natural stone, and it’s hard to decide which one is for you.

Below, we’ll discuss what you should choose for your stone walling design.

Step One: Choosing the Type

Before we get started, you should decide whether or not you want to have dry-laid or mortared walls.

Dry-laid stone is a method of installing natural stone, which requires you or a professional to place each tile of stone of a bed of sand or gravel. The compacted sand will be what keeps the stone together.


Wet-laid (mortared) stone, on the other hand, is applied to concrete or is mortared together.

If you want to choose between wet-laid stone or dry-laid stone, then you should determine what you’re looking for our of your wall. Usually, people use dry-laid stone for less complex and quicker designs.

Dry-laid stone is easier to maintain because the stone are easily readjusted and they’re less costly. That said, you’ll need to use stones that are either rectangular or square. If you want to have circular stones, then you’re better off with wet-laid stone.

Choosing Your Stone

Now, we can move on to which natural stone is best for your design and which one you should get to suit your needs.


Granite stone is great because it’s very durable. Still, it usually comes in rectangular shapes, so it’s more limited than other kinds of stone. You can get granite in different colours: white, pink, gray, etc. to match the overall atmosphere of your home.


Fieldstone is different than granite because it’s round rather than rectangular. It’s also more affordable than other walling materials, so it might be a good idea if you’re working on a budget. Vendors will usually get fieldstone locally, which means you won’t have to spend as much to have it transported to your home.

Of course, your price will depend on the colour and size of the fieldstone you want. Still, larger stones are often cheaper than small stones of other walling materials, which is why some people take full advantage and buy big pieces of fieldstone.


There is no doubt that marble is one of the most expensive wallings out there. That’s because it takes a long time to manufacture and it often has to be transported to your local vendor. That said, marble will also provide you with one of the most elegant wallings available.

Colonial Wallstone

Colonial wallstone is a bit of a classic, and it’s another one of our flat stones. It’s easier to get the shape you want with this material because the stone is relatively soft. It’s also freshly cut, so the pieces are flat.

This is a mortared, or wet-laid, stone; however, it will provide the same appearance as dry-laid stone. You can should use this material if you’re looking for a design that is more tight.


Whether you’re looking for the right material for outdoor or indoor walls, stone walling will provide your property with the luxurious look it deserves. Depending on how much you’re willing to pay, you can get the best out of materials like fieldstone or marble.

Before you choose, though, you should decide whether or not you want a natural stone that is dry-laid or mortared, because this will determine how much you pay and how much work that needs to be done.

Above, you can read all about natural stone and what you should choose for your stone walling design.

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