Stonework VS Other Types of Landscape Flooring Materials

There are quite a few different types of landscape flooring material types to choose from when it is time to build a patio, walkway, driveway, or simply want to cover up some ground in the back yard. But between concrete, pavers, tiles, bricks, and wood, the stonework is by far the best material type to consider. Natural stone surfaces offer a great many benefits such as durability, functionality, natural charm, low maintenance, and many more.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how this type of landscape flooring material compares to all the other types you can consider for your garden.

Concrete Vs Stonework

Concrete is one of the most popular flooring materials in gardens because it is so affordable to install and you can create all sorts of designs or patterns on concrete surfaces. But even this affordable material doesn’t hold a candle to stonework. 

Stonework is much more durable, unlike concrete, it can never crack, it is naturally beautiful without requiring a coat of paint, stonework offers more aesthetic appeal, it is easier to keep clean and maintain, and this type of material will increase your property value a lot more.

Pavers VS Stonework

Pavers are also popular flooring solutions and are commonly used in walkways, patios, leisure areas, and around swimming pools. These floor coverings have a very similar price range to stonework because pavers can be time-consuming to make and install. These ground coverings are loved for those who want to create landscape spaces with a uniform look. Compared to stonework, pavers are not as durable, they have a higher tendency to crack, they cannot carry as much weight, they tend to shift out of place over time, they are not as easy to maintain or keep clean and pavers won’t increase your property value as much as stonework.

Tiles VS Stonework

Floor tiles like ceramic can be used in outdoor areas but they need to be installed over a layer of concrete. These affordable floor coverings are perfect for those who want to create unique patterns or decorative flooring since they are available in many different colours and sizes. Mosaic tiles are especially desirable since they can offer a lot of artistic charm.

Stonework can be more expensive than general tile work but mosaic tiles tend to be very pricey. Stonework walkways and driveways might not offer flashy colours but these surfaces are much easier to maintain, keep clean and they will last a lot longer.

Brick VS Stonework

Brick is one of the most affordable driveway materials to get for your home and they can be very flexible since you can install bricks in different patterns and get them in different colours. Natural stone materials are however much more durable, they have a much better tolerance to UV rays, they are more resistant to moss and algae growth and these floor types tend to look much better while brick floors can sometimes look cheap.

Wood VS Stonework

Wood is a luxurious material that can offer a lot of charm and décor appeal when you use them as a deck or on walkways. But wood has quite a few drawbacks since these materials can be damaged by the sun, water, and by insects. Hardwood decks can also be just as costly to install as a stone deck but won’t last nearly as long. You will also need to do quite a lot of maintenance to keep your wooden deck from rotting or from being eaten away by termites and the typical wood landscape surface usually lasts 10 – 15 years where stonework will last a lifetime.

When you compare these different landscape flooring solutions it becomes clear that natural stone is the best material to consider. Contact Stone Edge Landscapes if you want to learn more about these wonderful floor materials or if you want to find out what stone types are the best for your garden.

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