3 Big Reasons to Install Lawn Irrigation System

There are a number of benefits that are associated with using irrigation systems such as automatic or manual sprinkler systems. Among them, are the benefits for your lawn and garden, your home’s energy efficiency, and your own convenience. If you’re wondering whether you should be using an irrigation system, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have the ultimate guide that includes three reasons for you to install a lawn irrigation system.

1. Lawn Maintenance

The truth is that not everyone has the time to spend on lawn maintenance. You have a lot on your plate and when you come home from your job, there are better things for you to do than to spend your time maintaining your lawn.

A simple solution is to install lawn irrigation on your property. This will ensure that you’re using sprinklers to keep your grass beautiful and that your lawn is watered evenly. We often see that lawns end up uneven because when people use hoses, they don’t necessarily control how much water goes to different parts of their lawns.

You can schedule your lawn irrigation to ensure that your lawn is watered at specific times during the week. This way, you don’t have to spend your time doing this instead.

2. Saving Energy

You have to pay for the energy and the water you use. Because of this, you don’t want to use a hose every time you water your lawn. By doing so, you’ll be wasting a significant amount of water to do this. When you use water sprinklers and a water irrigation system, you could save money with your energy bill.

If you’re going through wet months, you can also schedule your water irrigation system to go off less often. You could even turn them off during times when it’s raining several times a week.

When you do this, you’re allowing your lawn to get the most you have to offer and you’re promoting a healthy environment while you’re at it.

3. Your Convenience

Like we said before, you’re likely too busy to take care of your lawn all the time. We know how hard this can be when you’re balancing work, home, and friends. For some, the act of mowing the lawn is too much and not many people want to spend the added time watering the lawn when they can simply install an irrigation system.

This ensures that you can schedule your sprinklers for while you’re at work or when you’re on vacation. Your lawn will always be taken care of when you can do this. You’ll also be saving yourself money in the long run because usually, people will hire a team of professionals to maintain a property while they’re away. Instead of spending this extra money, you can pay a little bit more as an upfront cost and save money over time.


Are you worried about your lawn’s maintenance or your grass drying out over Summer? Are you wondering if you should just hire someone to water your lawn or if you should install an irrigation system while you can? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

At Stone Edge Landscapes, we know how hard these decisions can be to make. Get in touch with our friendly team to talk about your options in irrigation systems, we can provide you with the advice and help you with a professional installation.

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