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Why Hire Stone Edge Landscaping?

Stone Edge Landscapes is Melbourne’s premier landscaping service. For years, we have delivered high quality landscaping and garden features. Our mission has always been to create innovative and unique designs that reflect the passion and creativity of each resident. With us by your side, you know that any landscaping design or feature you want, will be created right in front of your eyes by us.

Years of Experience.
With more than 12 years experience and knowledge behind our back, we know what it takes to deliver high quality and exceptional landscape features. All our dedicated team members have worked up to 40 years in the industry, grasping a firm knowledge of the right methods, techniques and technologies to guarantee a stunning finish to any project that you have lined up. Using a vast knowledge and expertise, we are able to craft together a solid plan, build around your preferences and requests and complete it to perfection.

Eye for Detail.
Our team team, including our construction and designers have a keen eye for perfection. We have always believed in providing the best service possible, so therefore you end up having the landscape feature and design you always wanted. You can count on us to deliver on your requests and requirements. We have the eye for detail that other landscaping companies do not, which is why we stand out from the rest.

Complete Service.
We offer the complete landscaping service for all our Melbourne clients. As well as planning and designing your landscaping plans, we also provide stone work, garden maintenance and modern landscaping creations. From pergolas to driveways, from ponds to water features, we can do it all for you. You can relax back in the knowledge that Stone Edge Landscapes will provide you with the design and feature that you crave for your property.


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