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Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Your Own Slate Paving

Slate rock is a very popular building material.  People have been using this natural rock in construction industries for centuries.  These stones are very popular in paving or walkway because it is such a highly durable material.  Slate pavers can last well over 100 years and the colours of these natural rocks are quite beautiful.  This material is especially popular in high-end homes and businesses.  

The only downside is that slate rock isn’t the easiest material to install.  These materials are also quite expensive which means you really want to avoid installation mistakes at all costs.  

Here is a quick look at some of the most common mistakes most people make when installing their own slate paving;

Don’t Buy Slate at the Wrong Places

One of the biggest mistakes that DIY enthusiasts make when they install their own slate paving is that they buy from the wrong sellers.  Slate paving stones are pricy, especially if you invest in quality materials. 

But when you buy through a construction or landscaping company that specializes in these materials, you could get your slate materials at a much more affordable price.  This is because slate producers often offer these companies discounted rates because they buy in bulk.

Don’t Buy Poor Quality Slate

When slate is harvested and cut to size, these tiles or stones are classed according to quality. 

Some slate tiles are more expensive because they might be of a higher quality when it comes to stone density, colour, and stone size.  While third-grade slate is still good for paving, you should be careful not to invest in slate tiles or rock that is very old or that might be of a low quality.  This slate can be brittle and can easily chip. 

This can result in slate paving that doesn’t last as long as you might have hoped.  The best way to avoid this pitfall is by buying from a reputable company.

Failing To Store Your Pavers Correctly

If you are buying slate rock prior to installation, you should store them properly.  Storing them out in the open or in unsuitable conditions could result in stains on your beautiful stains before you even have the time to use them.  To avoid this issue, you should get them delivered just before you get started on your installation project.

Failing To Compact the Soil

Before slate tiles are installed, the soil beneath the tiles needs to be compacted.  If the soil isn’t compacted, the slate rock can easily shift out of place or sink too deep.  This can result in uneven paving areas.  

Failing To Plan For Movement

The ground is constantly moving.  It will expand and contract every day as temperatures rise and fall and as humidity levels in the soil change.  When installing your slate, you should take care to plan for the movement in the soil. 

The best way to do this is by adding wide enough contraction and expansion joints throughout your paving. 

Failing To Seal Your Stone

Slate stone is incredibly strong and durable.  But in paving, these stones endure much more wear and tear compared to slate roofing tiles. 

Sealing your stone will enhance the natural beauty of your paving stones and will keep these stones from discolouring or staining.  These sealants can also reduce your overall maintenance requirements to keep these stones in good condition.

With the expense of slate pavers, risking a faulty installation just isn’t worth the money you ‘might’ save.  Contact Stone Edge Landscapes where you can buy quality slate pavers at a good price and get professional installation so you can get durable paving that lasts for a great many years.  

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