Landscaping Hacks to Make Your Backyard Bigger

Do you have a compact backyard? Are you wondering how you can make your space appear bigger without having to hire entire construction crews or buy another piece of land? You’re in the right because because we’re going to share the best tricks and tips for making your backyard appear bigger than it is through some manual landscaping.

Try Going Vertical

This touches a little on urban farming, which serves to prioritize space to make rooms more efficient. In this sense, you can save a lot of space and grow the same number of plants compared to how many you’d grow with traditional farming methods.

Not only will you literally be saving space, but you’ll provide the illusion of having more room in general because your visitors’ eyes will be drawn upward.

Start with Your Paving

You should look at your paving first to figure out how you can make more room by starting small. You can use misshaped, complimentary tiles to highlight your space. You can easily add some colour this way, and provide the impression that you have more space than you do.

Another paving option that’s been taking the landscaping business by storm is creating paths in and around your yard. You can, for example, have a natural stone path that leads from your back door to a small pond. All in all, you can use this design option to compliment an aspect of your backyard that you love.

Add Some Colour

Like we said before, you should try to add some colour when and where you can. Go with brighter colours, because darker colours tend to make backyards look more closed in.

One of the best ways to add color to your backyard is to grow some flowers in your garden or to plant them around your backyard. This is a sure way to increase the amount of wildlife you see around your landscape and to make your space more aesthetically appealing.

Change Your Lighting

When you decide to plan a landscape, you have to play with both shadows and light. Each one can have its own benefits, but you should choose different lights for different parts of your backyard. You don’t want everything to be highlighted the same way because it isn’t pleasing to see a water fountain that’s lit the same way a wall or statue is.

A Fountain or Pond

Even the tiniest of backyards can benefit from a fountain or pond. You don’t need a large amount of space for this; rather, you can have a small one installed. If you combine this with some of our other tips, like lighting or pathways, you can make the landscape design of your dreams.

You can, for example, install a pathway that leads to your pond or fountain. From here, you can have lights added to your landscape to accentuate the pond at night. You can even add colour lights to make the space more unique.


Your backyard is the place where you’ll bring family and guests, especially in the summer, so it’s normal that you want it to look its best. If you have a smaller backyard that you’re not too content with, there is no reason why you can’t give it an upgrade for the better.

With these tips we’ve detailed in our guide, you’ll be able to create a beautiful landscape no matter what size your outdoor space is.

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