Stonework Trends That Are Going To Be a Hit In 2022

The New Year is upon us and the general prediction is that travel restrictions and general encouragement to stay at home will continue in 2022. But being stuck at home all the time doesn’t have to be all bad. Spending more time at home gives you the chance to strengthen family relationships and it offers you plenty of opportunities to do upgrades in and around the house.

To make your home life a little bit more exciting and a lot more beautiful, you can look into doing a few garden upgrades.

Natural stonework is a timeless garden feature that is bound to be popular for centuries to come which means that this is probably one of the best home upgrades to get to work on this year. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of stonework garden trends that are bound to be very popular in 2022.  

Romantic Stone Walkways

Walkways just have a way of making gardens look tidy and organised and these gorgeous paths can also enhance your general comfort since you don’t have to step onto the wet lawn when you spend time outside.

A romantic stone walkway is a definite must for your garden because it is a simple and affordable change that can have a huge impact on your garden’s overall look. A lovely sandstone walkway with raised edges and a couple of charming solar lanterns will make a huge difference in the way your yard looks at nighttime.

Raised Beddings with Stone Edges

Raised beddings have become quite popular these past few years because they make it possible for you to grow a home veggie or herb garden without bending your back and they are ideal for keeping pets out of your precious plants. If your raised garden is looking a bit pale then the best upgrade you can do is to get it redone with stonework edges. Natural rock edges will enhance the strength of your raised beds, it will offer a natural vibe and it can enhance the look of those raised bed walls.

Crazy Paving Garden Floors

Crazy paving is always a charming touch to add to any garden because each stone and rock in your paving has a unique size and look. Stone paving floors are ideal for creating a tidier look in your garden and these clean surfaces are ideal areas for barbecue evenings or to place your garden table set.

Natural Stone Lawn Edging

Natural lawns always feel refreshing and cool but the edges are always tough to keep in line. Natural stone edging for lawns is extremely popular in luxury establishments and is a perfect touch if you want to create a lawn with a groomed look.

Natural Stone Fire Pits

There is nothing more fun than spending time outside around a fire pit while you share stories with friends until late at night. A natural stone fire pit is sure to draw plenty of attention in your garden and will lure everyone away from the TV and out into the backyard for fun evenings.

Natural Stonework Pools

Natural look pools are becoming more popular with each passing year and are definitely worth considering for your garden. These pools are designed with plenty of natural rock around the edges to create a natural pond or lake feel but the pool is fitted with a proper filtration system so it will stay crisp and clean.

With these stonework concepts in your garden, your home is sure to look a lot better and it will be so much fun to spend time at home you will hardly feel the effects of travel restrictions. Contact Stone Edge Landscapes if you want to get these stonework installations done in your garden or if you are looking for other terrific stonework concepts.

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