Things to Consider When You Get Stone Walling Done

Natural stone garden features are currently one of the most trendy accessories or structures to include in your garden. These structures offer plenty of natural charm, they are very easy to maintain, they can make a huge difference in the look or aesthetics of your garden and they can last a lifetime.

If you are planning on getting a wall constructed as fencing or as a barrier then you can definitely consider a natural stone wall. Even though these structures look simple, quite a lot goes into their construction and planning. Here is a quick look at the most important things to consider when you get these beautiful walls constructed in your garden.

Choose the Right Materials

You do have quite a lot of decisions to make regarding wall materials and the following are the most important ones you will need to decide on.

Interior Wall Materials 

Stone walls can be constructed with just large stone boulders, or you can get brick walls made and cover these brick walls with natural stone cladding. The latter option tends to be the more affordable solution since large chunks of rock can be pricey and you tend to have a lot more flexibility in terms of stone materials since the stones used are smaller.

Exterior Wall Materials

Next, you will need to choose what type of stone to add to your solid stone wall or as cladding on your wall. Natural stone can differ quite a lot in terms of colour and texture. The most common stone types for gardens typically include sandstone, limestone, bluestone, granite, and slate stone and each of these stone types is often available in a variety of beautiful natural colours.

Stone Finish

With stone for walling, you can choose to get your walls constructed with raw stone in their natural shape. These rough stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can sometimes be difficult to work with since each stone is unique in terms of size and thickness. But rough crazy stone paving can create a very beautiful natural or vintage finish.

On the other hand, you can also choose processed natural stones that has been cut to specific sizes. These pavers or stones also come in different sizes and shapes and you can choose to focus on a specific stone size for a uniform look or choose various sizes for a more unique look. 

Choose Your Wall Location Wisely

A stone wall isn’t something you can just disassemble and move around in the garden. It is essential to consider your wall function and position carefully. For borders around the yard, you will need to focus on something thinner and higher. Interior walls with a lower design can be positioned strategically so they can double for seating. Retaining walls can help level your landscape and is always best positioned on garden edges or next to walkways. 

Consider the Top Finish

You also need to give some thought as to what you might want to add on top of your stone wall. A natural rough stone wall edge can be great if you want to create a retro or historic feel in the garden. But for gardens with an organised and modern look, it might be best to edge off your garden walls with a flat-cut stone as a topping.

Building the perfect stone wall involves a lot of careful planning. If you have a tough time choosing the right wall type or design or need some advice regarding your walls, you should give Brisk Landscaping a call. These specialists can help you with landscaping design and they can supply you with the highest quality natural stone for your walls. 

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