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Garden Irrigation Systems Melbourne

Best Garden Irrigation Systems Melbourne

We all want our gardens to look their best. Whether it’s garden beds out the front of your house on show for the neighbourhood to see or your own little natural oasis in the backyard, we take pride in having thriving plant life. 

But how do you keep it looking beautiful? Sometimes, a simple garden hose just won’t do.

Stone Edge Landscapes specialises in all sorts of watering systems for commercial and residential properties and can help you find the perfect irrigation system for your needs. With over a decade of experience in helping Melbourne residents with tailored solutions, we can ensure the job is finished to the highest standards. 

For the best results and optimal water use, having one of our experts perform your garden irrigation system installation is the best way to go. 


Why should I get an irrigation system?


These days, we have less and less time. The moments you do get to spend outside amongst your plants, you might want to relax and not worry about having to water everything. 


There are a number of other benefits:


  • Reduces up to 50% of manual watering usage
  • Improves the growth of your plants and grass
  • Less water is wasted on weeds (which means less time weeding!)


Want to lessen your water consumption for the world and your wallet? We can help. With a new garden sprinkler system, not a drop of water will be wasted.


What is the best irrigation system?


It depends on the type of outdoor space you have! There are a few types that we generally do for our clients. We can either connect your irrigation system to the main water supply via garden tap or to a separate tank. 


Automatic or manual systems


We all love having a beautiful green garden, but we don’t all have the time to keep it looking great. We can help you set up an automatic watering system for gardens so that you can sit back and enjoy your plants without the hassle, or a manual water system if you want to take control. 


Drip systems 


Drip lines are probably the most water efficient; if you are looking to save some money on your water bills, consider getting a drip line. 

With a drip system, the root zone is targeted with a low water pressure, keeping the plant hydrated without wasting a drop. Drip irrigation is easy to install and is great for those who are more environmentally-conscious. 


Shrub sprays


A spray system is probably the most common system you will find around Melbourne homes. Easy to achieve even water distribution, spray garden sprinkler systems may require more ground preparation.

For large garden beds, these can be very efficient as they have a variety of settings, radi, and patterns. 


Popup sprinklers


These are best suited for lawn irrigation. If you want to keep your grass looking green, then this is the solution for you. 

It is worth noting that in Melbourne these are subject to heavier water regulation, so you should be wary of current water rules. 

Not sure what system is right for you? Talk to one of our gardening experts today at 0417 574 150 or leave us amessage.


What is the best irrigation system for a vegetable garden?


If you are trying to reduce your ecological footprint (and save some cash along the way) growing your own vegetables can be a great solution. Gardening is also a natural stress reliever and forces you to spend a bit of time away from screens — so, overall, great for your health. 

Drip irrigation was originally used for agriculture and is just as applicable to the smaller suburban veggie patch. If you want to keep costs down for your watering and deliver the right amount of water every time so that your plants have the best chance of growing, then drip irrigation will work best for your needs. 


Irrigation system repair Melbourne


Over time, your irrigation system may need maintenance or repairs. Inefficient or damaged irrigation systems will waste water and cost you in bills. Our experts will come to your Melbourne home and repair any damage. 

With the right team and tools for the job, your drip irrigation, spray system or any other type of irrigation will soon be just as good as new!

Want to find out more about our irrigation systems? Talk to one of our gardening experts today at 0417 574 150 or leave us a message.

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