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Our Landscaping Design Process:

Stone Edge Landscapes is all about making it easier for clients to get their landscaping projects up and running. As passionate professionals, we want to make sure that your landscaping plans are perfectly planned and executed (which will happen with us in charge). This is how easy it is for you to work with us:

Initial Briefing:
The first meeting between us. We will look at our plans, you tell us what you want completed in your home and we begin the process of looking at how we can achieve your plans, the way you want it done.

Design Consultation:
Tell us what you want your design to look like and give us as much information as possible. Our designers will then help you with sound advice and some useful tips that could help the creation of your design plans. They will make sure your creativity and preferences are all maintained in the plan.

Quote Arrangement:
After looking at your design plans, we construct a fair and concise quote for you. This will include everything that involved in the process, as well as a payment plan. Our prices and rates are fair and competitive, so you will not be over-charged or cheated out of your money.

Second Consultation:
Together, we go over all the finer details of your design, the quote and the whole process together.

Completed Plan Presentation:
At the end of this consultation, you will get a complete plan presentation with every aspect of the plan laid out for you, so we all are on the wavelength with same end result in mind.

The Building Begins:
Throughout the whole process, we will keep you updated with all the latest happenings and issues with the building. We believe in keeping our clients informed as much as possible during the creation of their projects in order for them to be kept calm and cool. Any questions they might have, we are happy to help them with!

Final Completed Project:
We’re done, and your landscape feature is ready to go! Enjoy your new stunning and unique landscaping feature!



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