Ways to Use Natural Stone to Disaster-Proof Your Property

It is always good to expect the unexpected and to prepare in advance so you can be strong when disasters hit. It can be pretty tough to stand tall when natural disasters strike because these elements can be so powerful, unexpected, and destructive.

Natural stone is a simple tool that has been used to keep humans safe from storms and natural elements for centuries. And it is still a good tool to use in your garden if you want to create a property that is more resistant to natural elements and storms. Here is a quick look at the best ways to use natural stone to protect your property from disasters.

Manage Floodwaters with A Natural Rock French Drain

French drains were invented or first developed by the judge and farmer named Henry French who lived in Concord Massachusetts and dates back to 1859. These drains are designed by creating a sloped trench that is filled with natural rock gravel and a pipe. The drain diverts water away from houses and other structures on your property so these areas won’t flood. 

French drains are not just effective for stormwater management; they can also enhance your curb appeal because these natural rock rivers or dry rivers can be quite charming with the right décor elements and design.  

Ways to Use Natural Stone to Disaster-Proof Your Property


Install Damage Resistant Natural Stone Paving

Most paving types can easily be damaged by floodwaters, the damaging UV rays, and even the weight of your car. If you are tired of doing constant repairs on your paving then it is time to opt for natural stone paving. Natural stone is resilient against all environmental elements and isn’t likely to get damaged during storms, floods, or even fires. Your paving will stay in tip-top condition no matter what happens on your property.

Enhance Your Home Exterior Strength with Wall Cladding

Natural stone wall cladding isn’t just handy for creating a more beautiful home exterior. These natural stone wall treatments can also help protect your home. Natural stone is a lot tougher and more resistant against damaging UV rays, wind, rain, hail, fire, and other impacts compared to concrete and bricks. Homes with this type of surfacing can stand through natural disasters without getting damaged.

Increase Property Protection with Stone Walls

For optimal safety from other people and from natural disasters, you should consider natural stone walls. Stonewalling solutions are ideal for creating more privacy at home and will keep peeping tombs and criminals from seeing what you have in your yard. These stone walls are also perfect for preventing damages during storms because they can direct stormy water or mudslides away from your home and they can protect your pets from other wild animals since there are no holes for animals to crawl through.

Prevent Flooding and Erosion with Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Homes that are constructed on a steep slope have a huge risk of getting damaged by floodwaters because water always runs downhill and can start crashing down towards your home in a storm. By installing retaining walls at your home, you can level out your garden. This will keep water from streaming down your property and can protect your soil and garden from creating huge erosion gaps that could be costly to repair.

The best thing about these natural disaster preventing concepts is that they are durable. Stone creations are bound to stay in great shape no matter how much time passes. The upgrades created by Stone Edge Landscapes will also offer adequate protection from a number of natural elements so your home and property will be safer when things go wrong.

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